HvO World Award

Time Schedule

  1. Applications will be accepted all through the year and evaluated within 1 month of receipt. After gaining the accreditation, you will be able to claim ‘Appointed by HvO World Award, 20XX’ immediately.
  2. The award ceremony will be held annually.




Closing date for application:      As needed

Announcement of the winner:     As needed (To be announced at this site)

Award Ceremony:                       Sun., 14th July, 2019


NEWS: The venue for the HvO World Award Ceremony 2019 has been changed to Milan, Italy, from Paris we’ve previously announced.

Four Seasons Hotel Milano

[Sala Teatro and Patio]

Via Gesu’ 6/8 – 20121 Milano – Italy

Tel : +39-02-77088


Time/Date: 13:00-17:00 Sun., 14th July, 2019 *
* It will be subject to change circumstantially.


Milan, the largest metropolis in Northern Italy and iconic center of the world’s fashion industry as well as Paris and New York, has been also known as the center of arts and culture which were cultivated under the wing of patrons like the Grand Lord of the House of Sforza for a long time in a the history of Europe. The Four Seasons Hotel Milano, is located in the heart of historic monuments of the city, highlighted by an old monastery that was originally built in the 15th century. Surrounded by lush greenery and an air of grace and elegance inherited from the golden age of renaissance, the hotel welcomes our guests to the most prestigious world award and its annual gathering in the year of 2019, with a combination of reception banquet in the beautiful patio and full-course Italian dinner planned before and after the award ceremony. It’ll provide unforgettable memories for all of us, both the HvO members and award winners to share the moments of joy together…