What’s 'HvO World Award’ ?

‘HvO World Award’ is a newly established prize for the world’s most remarkable products and services which will be particularly praised for their quality and function, selected by the committee of HvO Academy, which wholly consists of either Harvard or Oxford graduates.

The Award that is based on impartial and rigid selection criteria and is based upon verification of the product-related academic papers, journals or any form of publications, which might contribute to enhance the reliability and brand value of the nominated products and services with the incomparable privilege and honor it will gain from receiving this award.

The Committee of HvO Academy

The committee only consists of graduates from Harvard (US) or Oxford (UK) known as institutes upholding the world’s highest standard of education.

Nick Hawkins

Nick Hawkins: Chairman of the Committee

A lawyer and a conservative ex-member of parliament in the UK (1992-2005), graduated from Oxford.

Over the years, he has built intimacy with Theresa May (and her spouse), the UK’s ex-PM who is also in fact a godmother to his son.

Conway Downing

Conway Downing: Member of the Committee

A lawyer in the US, graduated from Harvard College, and known as an influential lobbyist to the government and the political arena. George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the US was even a classmate of his during high school.

Taro Shirakawa

Taro Shirakawa: Member of the Committee

Doctor of Medical Science, ex-medical professor of Kyoto University. During his career as a researcher at Oxford School, he came into the spotlight when his well known article in ‘Science’ was published in a journal for the first time by a Japanese researcher.

Benefits of the Award