Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any grade for the award such as gold, silver or copper available?

A: No, we only have one award, without a grade or degree which itself represents the highest grade of award from HvO. However, for those who has won the award for five consecutive years, our honorable mention called‘HvO World Prestige Award’will be additionally presented to the winner by courtesy of the HvO Academy.

Do I need to pay an annual charge with foreign currency to be transmitted?

A: You can pay with your local currency to your local agent.

Can you arrange the accommodations for me to attend the award ceremony?

A: Although we are happy to assist your hotel or airline reservation, if needed. You are kindly asked to be liable for those private matters including accommodations.

I only have an academic paper written in Japanese, not English…

A: Some of our agents may be able to prepare an ‘English abstract’ for you instead. Please ask your local agent.

Can you accept the entry for ‘manipulative treatment’ category?

A: There is no particular limit for the genre or category in order to enter, ie) health foods, cosmetics, medical equipment and practice, as long as you have an academic paper with English description, that has been accepted or published by any peer-reviewed journal.

Do you accept a report on in-vitro or in-vivo analysis as well?

A: Yes, we also accept in-vitro or in-vivo reports as long as it’s written in English and has been accepted and published in a peer-reviewed journal.